Visualize your processes!

Automation Compass

Automation Opportunities

Not sure where to start? Automation Compass will automatically discover and recommend possible areas to leverage Workflow, Tasks, Decision, Content, and Capture based on pattern, keywords, systems, and other aspects including a new natural language detector using IBM Watson.

Simulation Templates

Don't have a process to simulate? No problem! Import one of the many templates that are included with the simulation tool which are based on real-world process models. These are based on industry as well as department, and more are being added all the time.

ROI Calculator

Once you've identified a possible opportunity for automation, what's next? Use the new return on investment (ROI) tool to add assumptions around what it will cost to implement that automation, and see how many days it will take to pay that back!

Your processes show you the areas in need of Automation, but you haven’t been able to visualize them until now! With Salient’s Automation Compass, users can review opportunities in need for IBM Automation, as well as  quickly identify bottlenecks, loops, and areas for improvement. Additionally, Automation Compass is seamlessly integrated to enable users to import from multiple sources, such as Blueworks Live, BPM/BAW, BPMN, TWX, and Visio.