Extend Processes Beyond the
Boundaries of IBM BPM Named Users

SPARK External User Support

Extend to External Users

Extend IBM BPM to users without them having a named IBM BPM license

Extend to Internal Users

Allow users within your organization who are not explicitly a part of a BPM Group to participate in an IBM BPM process

Flexible Notification

Non-BPM users can receive an invitation to complete a task either by mail or by text

Customer Involvement Has Never Been this Easy

Ever find yourself in a situation in which there will be participants in your process, but you don’t know who they are ahead of time? What do you do? Try to set up credentials and licenses for every potential user there could ever be? Doesn’t seem workable to us. With the SPARK External User Support (EUS), end-users can now directly participate in an IBM BPM Process without credentials! EUS sends an email to the participant with a link that allows them to run only that task, and only one time. No need for credential management of these process participants who you don’t know of ahead of time!