IBM Digital Business Automation Services

By liberating you from the mundane, we give you the freedom to be great!

Why Salient for Digital Business Automation?

IBM Digital Business Automation

As part of Operational Excellence, you want to be as productive as possible with the least amount of effort. You also want to make sure any changes introduced are sustainable and scalable. Salient’s IBM Digital Business Automation Services bring a holistic approach to automation. We determine which tools are best for your organization’s needs and type of work being done. With this best fit approach you will get the most productive results possible.

Automation Alignment Matrix

Where do you start with automation? What automation tool should you use?The simple fact is, no automation tool fits every type of work. As part of our IBM Digital Business Automation Services, we use our Automation Alignment Matrix to determine the type of work being done, and what type of automation is the best fit for that type of work. The first step in this process is a Design Thinking workshop to determine what is the best approach to solving your overall challenge.

IBM Digital Business Automation

Where would you like to begin your journey to greatness?


One of the first steps in transformation is an overall plan; modeling your processes helps greatly with this. Leveraging IBM BWL and Salient's BWL Insights tool can give your team the freedom of knowing exactly what your business processes are.


Why stop at just modeling? Reach your potential by automating those workflows. Leveraging IBM BAW and Salient's incredible team can take your productivity to a whole new level. We are the creators of the IBM BAW UI, so our knowledge and experience here are extensive.


Inevitably, some tasks in your processes will be GREAT fits for automation. Robotic Process Task Automation (RPA) is the perfect tool for automating repetitive manual tasks quickly without dealing with integration. Automating these manual repetitive tasks frees you to focus on work that can help you be great!


Make the best decision ever! Let our rules experts help you automate key rules across your enterprise. Leveraging IBM ODM and Salient's experts to document and automate decisions frees you from writing code to maintain your rules.


Provide highly secure and compliant management of most types of content, support instant access to content, connect content to digital business applications and help manage governance and compliance.


Digitize business documents, so you can classify those documents and extract important data from them, reduce or eliminate manual entry and errors, and automate the extraction of insights from unstructured data.