Data Capture Services

By removing the drudgery of capturing data manually from content, our Data Capture Services team helps free your organization to focus on the important things so you can be great.

Data Capture

Data Capture is a component of automating your business. It allows your organization to quickly and effectively capture content through multiple channels wherever and whenever it originates. You can automatically classify, find, and extract data located within content. Combining this with Salient’s overall approach to automation will unleash the hidden potential of your organization.

What Type Of Work Can Be Automated with Data Capture?

Data Capture is best used in repetitive high volume work where the data needed to be extracted is known. Thus, in our Automation Alignment Matrix, it’s best fit is in the High Volume / Repetitive quadrant. However, it can still have a place in the other quadrants as well. 

Automation Alignment Matrix

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Salient’s unique and proven methodologies for transforming and automating your business can be applied at the data capture project level, or at a more holistic enterprise Digital Business Automation level. Either way our methodologies and approaches will help you reach your goals faster and with greater ROI than without us helping you.