Operational Decision Automation Services

Salient’s Operational Decision Automation Services help you discover, capture, govern and manage repeatable business rules. This enables decision automation freeing you to focus on helping your organization be great.

Operational decision

Decision Automation

Operational decision

Automating your decisions gives you the agility to change quickly and deliver better customer experiences throughout your organization. Salient’s Operational Decision Automation Services team and IBM ODM can help you achieve this whether it be part of a stand alone business rules project, or as part of a larger Digital Business Automation journey.

What Type of Work Can Be Helped by Decision Automation?

Decisions are relevant throughout all quadrants of our Automation Alignment Matrix. Whether it be pre-defined rules to help your business run smoother, or predictive models for best next action recommendations, Operational Decision Automation has pertinence regardless of the volume or type of work. Our ODM Services team can help you analyze and determine the best automation path for you.

Automation Alignment Matrix
Operational decision
Making sure firearms regulations STAY up to date


See how Brownells uses Decision Management to be agile enough to keep up with the dynamic regulations of the firearms industries.

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Salient’s unique and proven methodologies for transforming and automating your business can be applied at a business rules project level, or at a more holistic enterprise Digital Business Automation level. Either way our Decision Automation Services team will help you reach your goals faster and with greater ROI than without us helping you.