Erase the Boundary
Between IBM Business Automation Workflow and Salesforce

SPARK Salesforce Toolkit

Low Code

Easy connectors and auto-generated components without writing a line of code


Salesforce data is retained as the single source of truth for business data


Get the best of both worlds by leveraging the power of both technologies

The Real End-To-End Sales Process

There are many areas where IBM BPM/BAW can be used to address business requirements related to the sales organization. For example, during lead generation and opportunity identification, there could be additional information or lookups that could be used to improve the accuracy and context of that situation. During key moments, such as lead conversions or closings, it may be necessary to notify additional users or have them complete tasks based on the nature of the change. The SPARK Salesforce toolkit allows for seamless integration between front- and back-office organizations and gets the information to where it needs to go, and when it needs to be there.