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Who We Are

Salient Process is a privately held award-winning company headquartered in Sacramento, CA. We are an IBM Gold Business Partner and the creators of the IBM BPM UI. Salient Process was honored to receive the 2017 IBM Cloud award for most innovative IBM Cloud partner.

We have a deep heritage in IBM BPM and ODM, dating back to the inception of those solutions. Our executive team and many of our expert consultants began their careers working with these solutions, prior to them becoming IBM products.

Our success is a direct result of our passion for your success, thus the reason for our tagline of “Your Process, Our Passion.” As part of that passion and focus on your success, our goal is to work ourselves out of a job by enabling you to the point of self-sufficiency. We help your company to the point you are free to be great and enable you to stay there.

Whether it be workflow, rules, content, tasks (RPA), or data capture, we have the highly skilled resources to help you achieve your business goals.

What We Believe

We believe processes are absolutely essential to how companies are run. A process can be defined as “a series of actions or operations conducing to an end.” As a company, if we do not define the processes and outcomes for how our company will meet the needs of our customers, whether they be internal or external, the end result will be chaos, bad outcomes, and ultimately bankruptcy. We believe this not only for our company, but for any company in a market-driven economy. We believe this is as fundamental to business as gravity is to the universe. Maybe someday, the way businesses are run will change enough that process won’t be fundamental, but that day has not arrived yet, and we don’t see this changing for the foreseeable future.

Process encompasses any method, technology, or philosophy which will allow the outcomes from our efforts to produce the best result for the consumer of that outcome. This includes rules, events, step by step processes, ad-hoc/dynamic processes (Case), and the tasks necessary as part of our efforts, whether they be human, bot (RPA), or system centric. This is fundamental and falls outside of any particular flavor, notation or discipline (e.g. BPM, BPMN, Lean, Design Thinking, etc.); although the process is very much integral to any of these disciplines, and many other disciplines.

We also believe processes, and the constituent parts that make up those processes, can be more easily managed, and much more effective and agile, if they are visible and easily changed. This visibility and ease of change applies not only for the overall process, but for the rules, events, tasks, and connections to systems which make up the overall process. If processes, and their constituent components, are visible and easily managed, this makes the running of a business that much easier. It also allows for agility in the face of the frenetic pace of business disruption today. If we allow processes to be visible and easily managed, we can in fact then achieve Salient’s overall purpose as a company which is to give organizations the freedom to be great. If we as organizations can be assured our processes are running smoothly and as desired most of the time, we free ourselves to think about the bigger picture and generating the ideas which can reinvent our businesses. This allows us to keep up with and stay ahead of the frenetic pace of business disruption. In fact, we become the disruptor.

When we think about our business, we could certainly start by defining a bunch of rules and events. The issue becomes when to “execute” these rules, and what to do when events happen? Rules by themselves cannot help a business run because there is no context in which they will be adhered to. When does the rule happen, how is it adhered to, what happens after the rule is executed? Rules need process surrounding them. Events are random and can occur at any point. There are some events we can predict, and others we cannot. For those we can predict and be prepared for, the preparation usually involves having some sort of actions which respond to the event. In fact, it is quite evident once an event occurs we need “a series of actions or operations conducing to an end,” in other words a process. In our opinion, process encompasses rules and events.

Thus, our fundamental belief, and the fundamental basis for Salient to exist as a company, is we believe Process is a non-arguable and fundamental part of business, and great processes are part of what makes up a great company. Processes exist regardless of whether they are good, bad, or great, and also exist regardless of what methodology or discipline is used to define them. We, as a company, are in business to make those processes more effective, efficient, visible, and agile. In fact, we are in business to make processes great. Through this, we give organizations the freedom to be great.

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Meet Our Leadership Team

Executive Team - Brian French

Brian French

founder and ceo


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VP - Client services

Ajay Katre

Ajay Katre


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John Stange

vp - sales & marketing